VoIP out with the old and in with the new!



VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies are expanding for the business owing to the multitude of advantages it can provide. Voice over Internet services are looking more attractive for organizations because it is affordable and support powerful professional operations.

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Did You Know

VoIP not only reduces traditional landline call costs but it also offers a clearer, consistent and improved quality means of communication. Iconic Business Solutions offers impeccable and scalable VoIP services to meet the very needs of small to medium business.

What is VoIP and How Can It Help My Business?

VoIP is an internet service in which communication is conducted online or digitally rather than using a traditional phone. Businesses can make and receive their phone calls using their mobile device or their desktop and at fraction of the cost of traditional telephone contracts.

As organizations need to maintain its competitive edge, including its operational costs, VoIP makes perfect professional sense to run a successful and cost-effective company. It is easily integrated, scalable for your business and provide your company the freedom, the versatility and the services needed from the office and remotely. Rather than rely on landlines that are easily disrupted and unable to produce clear communication, create positive and lasting business impressions with the exceptional quality VoIP delivers.

Intelepeer CPaaS
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What More Can VoIP Do?

You can send emails, conduct conferences and forward electronic faxes from your device. For staff on the road or working outside of the office, using VoIP is convenient, quick and saves on the exorbitant costs of telephone contracts and related expenses.

Some of our results:
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Improve business processes with integrated communications and analytics

Streamline business processes by integrating communications into your other business applications such as CRM, marketing automation, Contact Center software, billing systems, and more. Enable internal applications to respond to inbound communications and trigger outbound voice and messaging notifications.
All interactions are tracked across the Atmosphere® platform and integrated business applications to provide actionable analytics and visual insights into your customer engagements so you can improve internal processes and the customer experience, ultimately driving revenue and reducing costs.



...any cloud-based platform that enables developers and businesses of any size to
programmatically embed voice, video, chat, and messaging services (SMS/MMS) within
their business or consumer applications.
Atmosphere® CPaaS enables communication
orchestration and analytics across every business
process, application, and human interaction.