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What is IoT?

IoT or the Internet of Things is an ever-expanding infrastructure within which the automated operation and control of objects are achieved using the internet. IoT can introduce efficiency, cost effectiveness, responsiveness and a multitude of operational benefits that small to medium businesses can take advantage of.

Iconic Business Solutions Introduces IoT for the Enterprise with the Following Features and Applications:

Readiness Assessment and Audit

Our IoT specialists will create a mapped plan of your digital requirements and the ways IoT can drive your business framework. We explore just how IoT can enhance your enterprise and evaluate its preparedness for the integration of IoT.

Professional Audits

Before we deliver an IoT solution, we complete an IoT survey in which the infrastructure and the physical data of your business are reviewed. We aim to determine the ways to achieve successful implementation of IoT.

Improved Security

The data that is produced by IoT devices must be secured by our complete and comprehensive test evaluation performed by the Iconic Business Solutions team. Our assessments will determine vulnerable networks and areas of your digital operations that require improvement and strengthening before IoT can be deployed. This prevents hackers taking advantage of vulnerable networks.

We Keep You Connected

For IoT devices to operate successfully, it is important that a powerful, connected environment is created. Our professionals will deliver heat and point maps, wireless security and compliancy tests to ensure your networks remain connected.

We Develop IoT Infrastructure

The foundation of your IoT business is best created with our professional solutions. We ensure high performing, scalable and dependable results.

We Develop an IoT Strategy

Our customer can achieve their professional objectives with supportive services that help SMB’s reach their objectives.

Complete Design and Build Plans

To ensure you maximize the advantages of IoT, it is important that your enterprise rely on our industry expertise to produce successful, secure and quality results.

Iconic Business Solutions assists companies in the adoption of their IoT strategies to ensure they can take advantage of a new digital era.


We Provide the Following Services when You Rely on Us for IoT Changes


We are Experts in IoT Design

We will take the time to map your digital requirements and transform your professional services as you know it.

Solutions Driven Strategies

Our goal is to create solutions-driven strategies in which the appropriate physical environment is created in support of your professional goals. Our IoT assessment will aid in delivering the powerful and influential deployment of modern internet technology.

We Incorporate Sound Technologies

Our goal is to examine your wireless network and to ensure it is strong enough to maintain your IoT connectivity. We deliver architectural solutions including compliance strategies to reach professional goals and more.

When we provide IoT for your company, we ensure real-time maintenance, monitoring and reporting as determined by our professional team. We deliver the expert installation of IoT ensuring successful results without the harsh complexities involved. Our aim is to maximize your digital and online connectivity with the very best in IoT delivery.


Speak to us today and we can assist with a fully custom backup and retention solution to address the very requirements of your small to medium business.

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