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The Need for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We recognize the competitive nature of business including demands to reduce operational costs, adapt to changing technologies and provide employees with efficient and accurate apps and data management. As the need for employees to access important business processes and online resources increases, businesses are hard-pressed to deliver technologies that appease such demands.

Fortunately, DaaS helps organizations achieve its productive and communicative goals without the expense and the hassle of major IT services and costly software programs. With Citrix based virtual desktop, organizations can provide access and deliver its applications and desktops to employees using a cloud hosting service and across any device. Now you can improve the mobility and the security of your business with the opportunity to create a digital workspace where staff can access business resources remotely without major risk.


More employees can access applications, data and even their desktops from any device regardless of where they work.

Managed Expenses

DaaS operates on a subscription basis. Pay for what you need and use.

Scalable Solutions

The versatility of DaaS supports the scaling of businesses in response to changing environments and growth needs.

Secure Solutions

DaaS makes the management of apps and desktops easier and secure as it offers a reliable access point for its users across devices.

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What Does DaaS Do?

For businesses looking for simpler and economical means of managing its virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI, DaaS is the smart alternative. At Iconic Business Solutions, we introduce Citrix approved solutions providing just what businesses need to provide desktops to employees while improving the productivity of all users.

At Iconic Business Solutions, we introduce a faster, secure and more economical way for organizations to conduct business. By integrating approved Citrix technology, we help your business take advantage of powerful online solutions that reduce expenditure on additional hardware for storage while promoting the growth of the mobile office. DaaS allows more employees to work remotely and across devices as it minimizes risk using multiple unsecured devices to access pertinent company data and resources.

Why Choose DaaS?

As employees are mobilizing and businesses looking for cost-effective digital management and service solutions, DaaS is the efficient and affordable solution to provide the desktops and the applications users need to remain productive. Gone are the days of sole reliance on a conventional working environment with rows of PC’s. The regular PC requires costly IT maintenance and infrastructure while only being accessed from a single environment. No longer do companies have to waste time and resources on setting up and updating employee passwords or conducting lengthy IT administration. With a virtual desktop, employees can access Windows desktops from their virtual desktop infrastructure. DaaS is the way forward.

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Utilizing the power of Citrix we guareentee an ROI on your transition to DaaS!
Logan Byrne President

Everyone realizes IT costs are a necessary evil of doing business... Why overspend?

Iconic Business Solutions introduces Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in which cloud computing helps enterprises provide virtual desktops using cloud hosting services, across devices. The major advantage of these solutions is that the virtual desktop can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you need to send secure emails online or facilitate a hosted service for efficient operation of software and applications, the DaaS is the solution! Forget about costly IT maintenance and complex software, DaaS makes it easier and efficient to run your business, the way it should be.

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