Move your on-premise resources to the cloud!

Faster Cloud Migration Services than Ever Before

As specialists in cloud migration solutions, we provide complete automation to ensure we continue to deliver effective, reliable and valuable cloud services.

Round the Clock Dedicated Services
Our clients can benefit from our dedicated services including round the clock support from our leading technical and cloud migration services.


Take Advantage of Cloud Migration

Upon completion of a successful transition, our team is readily available to help you take advantage of the numerous features that versatile cloud technology can provide.

Private and Public Cloud Migration

At ICONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, we provide both public and private cloud migration services. No matter what you need, we have got you covered!

Cloud migration services offer your business the versatility, flexibility and security it needs to manage its data. No longer do businesses find physical or traditional storage of pertinent information feasible. Cloud migration services focus on managing and moving your data online where it is stored in a virtual and secure cloud.

We help your SMB migrate to the cloud!

Iconic Business Solutions offers industry-leading cloud migration services. Cloud services offer a multitude of incredible features for business, with migration being only one of them. Whether public or private migration is needed, we will help you with the planning and the execution of your cloud migration. By creating a structured approach to secure and manage your data, allow us to assist your business in taking advantage of dynamic cloud solutions.

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Why Migrate to the Cloud with ICONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS?

From superior support for critical business operations, to managing databases and large volumes of complex or sensitive data, we are here to introduce trusted cloud solutions tailored to meet the professional needs of your enterprise. With our expertise, we make migrating to the cloud easier, secure and efficient. Our dedicated team offers ongoing support to ensure your migration to the cloud is seamless and secure.

Faster Cloud Migration Services than Ever Before

We Control Risk during Cloud Migration

As specialists in cloud migration solutions, we provide complete automation to ensure we continue to deliver effective, reliable and valuable cloud services.

By incorporating the latest technologies, we provide secure solutions to manage data when migrating to the cloud. We apply measures of compliance to ensure your migration services run seamlessly.

Free Consultation

ICONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is Your Specialized Cloud Migration Professional Ensuring Your Cloud Services are fast and Seamless

If you are interested in cloud migration services, call on us at ICONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to support your SMB. Our dedicated team assists with major service solutions and secure digital environments. Once we complete your cloud migration, we ensure every business receives dedicated support to manage new cloud solutions.

At ICONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, we understand that cloud migration can be challenging and confusing for business. We make the process easier by assessing your specific business requirements and advising on a suitable technology to address these specific needs.


Cloud Assessment and Analytics

  • Assessment and discovery
  • Assess current workloads
  • Dependency mapping
  • Precisely calculate cloud TCO
  • Migration planning


Migration Service

  • What if scenario evaluation
  • Lift and shift, re-host or refactor
  • Cloud to Cloud or On-prem to Cloud
  • Scalable application setup
  • Multi-Cloud deployments


Architecture and Design Service

  • Assessment and discovery
  • Define migration categories
  • Create move groups for migration
  • Project sprints for a migration plan
  • Cost projection adjustments


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