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Backup & Retention

Securing data is no longer an option for business, it is a need. As cyber threats become increasingly severe and more advanced, companies are hard pressed to integrate solutions that it can afford while protecting its data. At Iconic Business Solutions, we aim to introduce the latest and greatest technologies to keep your business up to date, operational and secure. Our backup and retention solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. We specialize in backup and retention for the SMB, helping to safeguard all types of information, pertinent in the process of data recovery.

Risk-free Backup & Retention

Perhaps you store your data daily whether online or externally. Have you considered what you would do should disaster strike and your data be compromised? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Unfortunately, many SMB’s make the mistake of failing to create a sound data backup and retention plan with the result that confidential information is lost, data corrupted and customers or clients exposed to risk. Loss of data owing to major disasters can also leave business devastated as it increases delays and brings production to a halt.

How Advanced Backup and Retention Can Help Your Business

Fortunately, your data backup and recovery need not take hours, days or weeks to restore. At Iconic Business Solutions, we offer the speedy and responsive services you need to manage your data and invest in its safe,   secure location. Our backup and retention services incorporate the latest technology and online features to help your company remain productive and progressive when unforeseen circumstances strike. We are committed to creating the best in secure solutions for the modern SMB. Do not allow a security breach or physical disaster to get the better of your business. With our backup solutions, we can help you manage your disaster recovery with the efficiency it needs and deserves.


How We Can Help Your SMB

Iconic Business Solutions is your specialist in the creation and execution of sound storage solutions for the business. Our versatile and secure cloud storage services can be accessed by our clients as an off-site alternative to keeping data safeguarded. No matter your storage needs, we work in collaboration with the very needs of our clients to ensure custom storage and retention services. Every business is unique and requires a unique solution to assure its powerful backup and retention. When you partner with Iconic Business Solutions, our backup and retention experts will advise o the most suitable options for the safety of data and the longevity of your business.


Speak to us today and we can assist with a fully custom backup and retention solution to address the very requirements of your small to medium business.

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